Silk Ribbon on Card

Silk ribbon on card can be used for many different occasions. Should the classic Christmas gift be individually decorated or the wedding celebration be equipped with high-quality decorative ribbons. The gift and decorative ribbons on card from C.E. PATTBERG are versatile. The ribbons are produced in Germany and impress with high quality. The presentation displays represent a color-coordinated selection in small packaging for resale. Due to the Euro perforation, the cards can be easily hung up at the POS. The displays are available all year round and thus allow an optimal utilization of the sales occasions.
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Item No. 1272-100
Card 72 Stk. mehrfarbig Woven edge GRS
VARIETY christmas
Item No. 5506-401
Card 42 Stk. 15 mm 4,5 m christmas
COUNTRY christmas
Item No. 5507-099
Card 42 Stk. 3 m christmas