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From the creative inspiration of our marketing department to finishing, our company and employees work together to guarantee the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, we offer great flexibility and respond quickly to diverse customer requirements and the latest trends. Following we give you a short review of our poly and textile ribbon production as well as our subsequent finishing for customized use.


  • 40.000 m2 production and storage area
  • Own extrusion for polypropylene films
  • State-of-the-art weaving machines, printing units and dyeing facilities
  • Finishing at customer needs

  • Finished goods warehouse with more than 20,000 computerized pallet spaces
  • 8 robots pick from a fully automated finished goods warehouse
  • Capacity for up to 2,400,000 bobbins
  • For orders until 11:00 o'clock, we ship available items the same working day

Quality made in Germany

Our extensive know how makes us one of the most diverse manufacturers, whose brand PRÄSENT obtained worldwide brand awareness for decorative ribbons of the highest quality. PRÄSENT ribbons add that special something to everyday life and give each occasion its own unique touch – whether for presents, arts and crafts or décor. All of our products are made in Germany – something that is near and dear to our hearts. Our production in a three-shift operation with 160 employees guarantees that your large orders are completed on time.

Decorative ribbons are, however, only one aspect of our product line. In our 40,000 m² production area, we also manufacture technical films and labeling tape for top international companies in the cable industry.

The basis for poly ribbons

Polypropylene is the name of the environmentally friendly granulate which is used as the basic material for the majority of our PRÄSENT ribbons. Our company is one of the few decorative ribbon producers worldwide which manufactures its own polypropylene film. The process-controlled film facility is one of the most technically advanced of the entire fabrication process and produces, out of the high quality granulate, several tons of film every day in accordance with the REACH standard. And this is followed by processing – the in-house produced films are cut to the required width by machine and finished – a further fully automated process – depending on the required end product.

Where the color comes in

In our weaving mill, classic production and innovative technology come together. From single-coloured decorative ribbons to elaborate motif ribbons with wired edges, our state-of-the-art weaving machines produce all types of decorative ribbons out of the various yarns. The woven ribbon then enters the finishing area where it is treated to suit the many different types of use by the end customer and given its particular surface, an individual color and feel. With our print shop we are also able to print any required design on almost any material by means of various procedures such as silkscreen, gravure, digital and hot stamp printing.

For customized use

Automated processes play an important role in product finishing – the additional processing of the semi-finished goods to the end products. These processes guarantee the best quality, a diverse range, and the flexibility to be able to respond to industry and customer needs in the shortest time. Whether goods by the meter or small rolls – spooling machines ensure production is reliable and fully automated. They spool the desired length onto spools, cut the ribbon, print details such as ribbon length and item number on a label, and adhere it to the end product. Finished! The automated production of our popular curling ribbon rolls, bows, and hanks are also made using advanced technology and machinery.

We have your goods in stock

Our customers can depend on the systematic quality assurance of our company, as much as they can rely on short delivery times, and the individual support they receive from our sales advisors. This is because our finished goods warehouse, which has more than 20,000 computerized pallet spaces, is sure to have your products ready for dispatch. You can find an overview of all our items in stock in our catalogues.